Welcome to the NANO-SAFETY.info web site. The purpose of this site is to provide information on topics of interest in Nano-Safety, but more importantly to provide links to other relevant sites with important information on various topics of Nano-Safety. The Sources page provides additional information about various linked web sites that have additional, reliable information. There is a book under development that addresses the holistic view of Nano-Safety. Publication is anticipated in early 2016.
Safety is paramount in the workplace and the environment; AND, is especially important for developments in nanotechnology, in which case material characteristics may be completely unknown. NANO-SAFETY requires many things: knowledge of effects, understanding of particle behavior, toxic effects depending on the application, residual impact on the environment, etc. The areas of understanding can be characterized in a number of categories, which include: 1) Material Properties; 2) Impact on People and the Environment; 3) Handling of Nanomaterials; and 4) Business Focus.
Nanotechnology is promoted as the next great thing - whatever "thing" is. There are many promising developments in nanotechnology that can provide for improved quality of life for many people. As with any emerging technology, we may not understand the consequences of its application. Consequently, we must be pro-active and address the areas of potential consequences. .
One area of particular interest, NANO-SAFETY, must be addressed in a systematic manner to ensure that the key elements are investigated and methodologies developed to provide safety for people and the environment.
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