Walt Trybula, Ph.D., has been involved in nanotechnology since the mid 1990s. He is a leading proponent of nanotechnology safety and more importantly proposes a systematic approach to the larger problem of potential nanotechnology issues.
Nanotechnology Safety Education In order to provide a strong workforce, students must learn various aspects of nanotechnology. With concerns about not knowing exactly what the material properties are, it becomes challenging to promote specific solutions. However, general approaches can be taught that provide the understanding g on what are the appropriate reactions to any given situation.
Safely Handling Nanomaterials Safe applications of nanomaterials requires an understanding of the material properties. The traditional Material Safety Data Sheets [MSDS] become meaningless when the material reacts differently if it is 15 nanometers versus when it is 10 nanometers. This is a key area of research that needs to be completed rapidly.
Dr. Jitendra Tate is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos. He has established a nanotechnology safety lab in the first floor of the Mitte Building on campus. The design of lab included input from all people on campus involved in any aspect of safety and/or nanotechnology. The implementation of the safety lab provides the introduction to many students on the methods of ensuring safe handling practices.
Dr. Fazarro has been working and advocating on the implementation of four-year nanotechnology programs at universities to be proactive to prepare for the new workforce for the 21st century. By doing this, he has written grants and forming collaborations to facilitate this action. Dr. Fazarro has been presenting topics on workforce development in nano and designing nano curriculum. Dr. Fazarro foresees a promising future in this field.
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