Sources/links to nanotechnology safety information, are continuously changing and improving. This listing is provided as a starting place for information gathering about various aspects of the safety issue. This page is under revisions. Anticipated update completion is December 31, 2014 The list provided above is not all-inclusive. Omission are not intentional and suggestions for additional sources of data are welcome. Please provide and suggestions via e-mail to editor@nano-safety. info. The "Read More" link below provides additional information on sources of nanotechnology safety.
The impact on people is critical to an understanding and application of nanomaterials. Much work is still required to begin to understand this field.
Environmental impact can take many years to become visible. Proper procedures will keep the issues under control. Training of workers is necessary to make this happen.
Emerging technologies provide many opportunities for significant technological advancements, which provide for an enhanced lifestyle with many benefits that include improved health.
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